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Special Edition | Odin & Frigg

RM 199.00


北欧传说圣诞老人是在数千年前维京的纳维亚半岛即出现,是北欧神话中的天神 —— ODIN。寒冬时节,ODIN 骑上他那八脚马坐骑驰骋于天涯海角,惩恶扬善,分发礼物。FRIGG则是北欧神话中的天后,众神之王奥丁的妻子。同时也是天空与大地的女神,主要掌管婚姻和家庭。


Couple Set Included
1x 'Odin' Bracelet
1x 'Frigg' Bracelet
2x Marble Jewelry boxes
1x Marble Paper Bag

9mm Zurconia 24K Rose Gold Plated/ Faceted Onyx 黑玛瑙/ / Faceted Turquoise 松石 

1. Please measure your exact wrist size in cm before order.
2. Surcharge RM5 for wrist size above 19cm. Please contact our support.
3. The gems for every bracelets might have a cracks and fissures variation due to their natural characteristics.

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