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Couple Set | Revolve

RM 99.00


世上万物   向心公转   陪我   为你沉淀
茫茫太空不曾相遇的行星  公转在各自的轨道
在引力磁场中盘旋   为你思念

Couple Set Included
1x REVOLVE M : : 10mm
1x REVOLVE F : : 8mm
1x Jewelry box (L)

BS006_8/ BS007_10

Onyx 黑玛瑙/ / Turquoise 松石 

1. Please measure your exact wrist size in cm before order.
2. Surcharge RM5 for wrist size above 19cm. Please contact our support.
3. The gems for every bracelets might have a cracks and fissures variation due to their natural characteristics.

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